Friday, again?

It’s Friday again. Seems like just yesterday was Friday. Time sure is flying!

This weekend is bound to busy – looking for a car, scrapbooking, working on PFT stuff.
I think I need a vacation. Pisa, anyone? Oh, how I wish I were there right now…


  1. Had a wonderful time scrapping with ya on Saturday! Hope you find a car this week!

  2. stacey4:12 PM

    Pisa sounds simply mahvulous dahling! I bet it is gorgeous this time of year with the nip of fall in the air.......sigh. Charlotte is a far cry from Pisa! Guess I'll have to daydream too.
    Enjoy your scrabbooking this weekend. I can't wait to see more pics!

  3. Pisa sounds like a great idea, especially since it is raining here. If you happen to have an extra ticket, please keep me in mind.


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