Pho Ga

Pho Ga. That’s the newest culinary delight in my world. My good friend Aveline (Aveline is the woman to talk to if you want to try something new in Atlanta) and I went to a Vietnamese place on Buford highway and had Pho Ga. It’s this great big, steaming bowl of chicken, broth, onions and rice noodles and who knows what else. It’s served along with a plate of bean sprouts, basil, jalepeno, lime and another green, leafy spice of some kind. You add what you want and chow down. Delicious and healthy and I think I could probably eat there every day.

Of course, that was followed by a visit to a Korean bakery up the street which totally negates the healthy soup – but I think I’ll have to drag Mom down there when she is here at Christmas. They have chestnut bread! I think she’ll love it.

I got an email today from PaperCrafts magazine. I have been selected to be on their reader’s panel for the next 6 months or so. So, I’ll answer questions about products etc. in exchange for a few free goodies. I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal and the selection process is pretty easy (who knows, everyone who signs up may have been ‘selected’) but I’m still excited to see what kind of questions they ask and what kind of input they are looking for.

We are still waiting on the arrival of the newest “Mann”. I can’t wait to meet him. Yes – I think it’s a boy!


  1. Okay, the BABY is DUE today! She needs to hurry up! LOL I am so excited for Misti!

  2. Laurel12:44 PM

    I want some of that soup!! I want to do the reader's panel too. Guess I need to visit some of these web sites more. Let me know as soon as the baby pops out.

  3. The soup looks kind of ooky to me. But hey, if you like that sort of thing! LOL How exciting that you get to be on the readers panel for PC. You'll have to let me know how it goes, sounds like fun! No action yet...


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