Lovely Saturday Croppin'

Laurel, Misti, Sandy and Stephanie came over on Saturday for day full of scrappin! I finished one mini album and that's about it, but overall, I think everyone was successful! I tried to take some incriminating pictures - but they sure were good at hiding their faces....

I was able to capture a few random shots....but even still, it's awfully hard to tell Stephanie's true personality, isnt' it :)

Also, note to self. Tapioca pudding in the crock pot doesn't work. Really, it doesnt. Our end result looked suspiciously like some kind of new scrapbooking adhesive.


  1. Good thing we were behaving. That stuff would have made a good food fight.

  2. looks edible to me!
    let me at it!
    I'll show ya how its done!

  3. If we had had a food fight with that stuff, I think someone there would have killed us for Tapioca'ing her house. However, it might have done well as wallpaper paste.


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