It's been a while, I know.  I've missed blogging, too!   As usual, things have been a little crazy.  Which is normal, so I shouldn't even call it crazy.  Anyhoo.


I've been finishing up my "Up and Running with Photoshop" class, helping Mom unpack and get settled in her apartment, spending time with out of town guests, throwing birthday parties, working, etc.  Whew.   


Not much scrapbooking has occurred, other than a few more digital pages which I hope to post later this week, but I have been learning a lot about things that you use as inspiration.  I think my new most favorite website is Kuler.  It's all about killer color combinations, most of which I would have never thought would work together.  But they and the results are absolutely amazing.  I've been compiling a list of websites that are graphically inspiring, fun to look at and what Jessica Sprague calls "eye candy".   What's your favorite?


  1. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM are you moving? Again? Before or after Aussie Land?


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