Day 1 - Allen's Birthday

No picture today - unless you want one of a seriously hurting brother who needed to go to the dentist...and I just didn't think it was right to take a photo of someone in pain. 
It was his birthday - and we spent it taking him to the dentist to have his tooth pulled.  There was no hope of saving it, and it had to go.  So, that also meant, no birthday cake or special dinner for his birthday either.  I did make chicken and dumplings - or at least attempt to make them, since they cooked away and dissappeared from the pan (we think it was the use of butter instead of shortening - which is hard to find here) so we had to make a second batch with Allen rolling them out and getting them ready.  They ended up pretty good - and he seemed to have no problem eating them.
Today is just beginning and we are off to Featherdale to see and hopefully hold a koala and kangaroo and anything else they'll let us get near.  I think Allen and Marie are just as excited as I am to go, so it should be fun.
Hopefully, photos of cute little australian animals soon....I hope I'm not scared...:)


  1. Hope Allen recovers quickly. Have fun petting the critters! Me want pictures.

  2. Ooh, that sounds like fun! Have a great time & I can't wait to see pics. Don't be scared!


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