Featherdale Wildlife Reserve

Featherdale was so much fun!! I ended taking 160 pictures - some of which didn't really turn out, but some turned out really well...
Birdy birds (according to Allen) cause we have no idea what they were called. They were Australian - that we know :)

We actually got to pet the koala bears! They are were soft and cudly!

Teeny tiny kangaroos - right at our fingertips. We got to pet them!
A sleeping Wombat - kinda like a big ol' rat - but HUGE! Scary really. I think these were Allen's favorites!
This peacock as gorgeous - I wish it had gotten a little closer. They actually had a white peacock out and walking around in the cafe area at the reserve.
Achidas. One of these little guys was so sad - he paced back and forth and had apparently been pacing for so long that he had worn a track in their enclosure. Prickly!

Off to Sydney, Manly Beach (Northern Beaches), and Chinatown tomorrow!


  1. Awww. Cute, little, cuddly animals---well, the achidas probably aren't very cuddly.

    I am sure you will be taking lots of pictures at the beach tomorrow. *Wink Wink*

  2. I'm jealous! They are all cute but not all cudly. Have fun at Manly Beach! I'd like a souvenir from that one. ;-)

  3. Amazing pictures, I'm so jealous! Those kangaroos were so tiny!!!


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