Sydney and Manly Beach

The opera house - it's really lovely from a distance. I was a little dissappointed at what it looked like up close - it's definitely been built to show off from the harbor.
Sydney Harbor Bridge. Fantastic. I think I ended up taking more pictures of the bridge's architecture than I did of the opera house.

On the ferry to Manly. It cool and windy and absolutely stunning. I was amazed at the blue color of the water. I guess I am just used to seeing water in Florida...
Manly beach was gorgeous - but a little short on "manly" men. Here's the manliest I could find. Not bad for a brother! :)

After taking the ferry back to Sydney we walked and walked and walked to Chinatown. Did I say we walked? After all of that, I didn't take a photo. What a shame!

We are all pretty pooped today! If we make it out of the house, we'll be lucky!


  1. Great pics, again! I'm really enjoying "experiencing" your trip with you. Rest today & get back out there. ;o)

  2. Love the pics! Can't wait to see more. So sad we are scrapping without you on Saturday. Have you found any scrapbook stores there yet?


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