The Rocks and Paddy's Market

Yesterday (Saturday) was spent at the Rocks and Paddy's Market. We caught the train in Leumeah and rode into Sydney, about 45 minutes or so, then walked around the Rocks (the location of the first English settlement in Sydney). We even managed to make it there in time to walk through the Rocks Market (a mix of souvenirs and Australian goods) as well as the discovery museum. It's possible we could have spent the entire day walking around the Rocks, but we were on a mission to also make it to Paddy's before 5. On a side note, all of the shopping in Australia close at 5, except on thursdays which is the official shopping day when the shops close at 8. Anyhoo, we caught a bus to Paddy's and really only managed to walk through the first level before everyone started closing. It was very overwhelming - but I managed to buy a few souvenirs.
This morning we are resting - we haven't made any serious plans, just playing it by ear!

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  1. We need pictures!! Demanding, aren't I.


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