Two Day Update

Well, it's Monday night here - and I guess I need to update! :)

Sunday was a day of rest. And I mean rest. The most activity of the day was Marie going to the takeaway for a ginormous lunch! We tried all of the Australian classics. Chips (french fries), battered sav (sorta like a corn dog), fish cocktail (fried fish), scallops (not from the sea, but rather potatoes) and hamburgers (with everything, including egg, bacon, cheese, beet root (they left mine off and I think I am kinda glad), and on Marie's - barbecue sauce. I stuck with the tomato sauce (almost ketchup). We ate and watched the beginning of Season 1 of Farscape. Allen rested his back. It was a really nice vacation day.

Oh - we also tried something I picked up in a souvenir shop - kangaroo jerky. After petting the cute little kangaroos at Featherdale, I had a hard time eating it. But once you got over the whole cute thing, it was pretty good jerky. A little gamey, but good.


  1. Ok, now I'm hungry. The burgers look very different but very good. But seriously, Kangaroo jerky, that's like eating bambi.

    Is that you or Allen hiding under the blanket?

  2. You ate a kangaroo! Aaaahhh!


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