Two Day Update Continued...

Self Portrait! :)

Australia's Blue Mountains. The "Three Sisters". Absolutely amazing. The views we fantastic - awe inpiring, actually. I wish photos could really, really show how wonderfully beautiful it was. Breathtaking.

About the windiest wind I have ever experienced - especially on a lookout we climbed out to - the wind was blowing so hard it was extremely difficult to stand.

Allen & Marie - on a lookout we found by accident!

More photos when I return!


  1. Beautiful vistas! I know what you mean about not feeling you've fully captured it. When Mom and I went to Wales the wind was like that on the Great Orm. You felt like you needed something to hold on to or you'd fall off.

  2. Wonderful photos. You are just having TOO much fun! Thanks for taking us with you on your Aussie Trip to the land of OZ. I am enjoying your entries! HECK FIRE, you are keeping up really well with your blog here lately.

  3. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I just got to see/read all of your entries and WOW!! I am so jealous! :) What an absolutely amazing trip. I cannot wait to see all of the pictures and hear all about it!

    Have safe travels back!



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