Holiday Ornaments

Here's another little project courtesy of Ali Edwards (and I'm sure lots of other people have don't this in the past). It was a pretty easy project - easily finished in a a day or so.

These were great gifts for co-workers, friends and family alike. And also fun as present toppers.

Warning: Make sure the bulbs are not cracked before attempting to apply rub-ons. Otherwise, you'll end up with glass pieces in your hand, all over your sofa and on the floor. Then you're a little leary for the rest of the time it takes for you to finish the project - and it's just not as fun anymore. Just a little advice from me to you :)

*Please note - I am posting these photos using my laptop - which is a wonderful machine - except that my monitor is broken. All images look like negatives, so I'm just hoping that they look okay once posted. Bear with me on this one - I'm looking for a new monitor!

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  1. Oooh, those are super cute! I may have to do that next year. Mom will love them too, I'll have to send her over to check them out.


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