It's almost 2008! Yikes!

Can you believe it? I don't quite think I do, either. I'm overwhelmed by the idea of the new year, but at the same time I am super excited. I've got lots to share about the last couple of weeks, so this might be a long post. Hope you are up for the challenge :) Actually, I have so many things - I think I might make them all separate posts - in order to drag out the excitement - well, my excitement at least.
I had the best intentions about holiday cards. I actually had completed 60 cards and mailed them out in November. Haven't received your yet? You won't. Now, don't take that badly - it's just that I mailed them all to be included in holiday gift boxes for the troops in Iraq. Feel better now?
I felt really motivated to do something, but had no ideas, until I stumbled on to a site called and Angel Ramsey. She gathers information from troops and passes that information along to you if you want to sponsor them. It's a great way to make a big impact on their lives while overseas.
She was creating her own boxes, and was kind enough to include my cards. So, hopefully, they were a piece of brightness for the holidays.

My original intention was to create postcards to send out for all of my normal holiday card "receivers" - yes, you. But, that didn't happen. And instead of feeling guilty about it, I'm going to post this message here along with a picture of the cards - and let that be the end of it.
I didn't forget about you - I still love you - I still want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Really! You just won't get the message via the US Post Office. :)

*Please note - I am posting these photos using my laptop - which is a wonderful machine - except that my monitor is broken. All images look like negatives, so I'm just hoping that they look okay once posted. Bear with me on this one - I'm looking for a new monitor!

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