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Hi all! I am supposed to be scrapbooking, but got sidetracked with entering books on and

Oh well, I've been wanting to do this for a long time, so I finally got it all updated! Sooooo - those are the links for today. Goodreads is a great place to create lists of books you've read, want to also includes group discussion forums. Paperbackswap is a site for trading books. It's a fantastic idea. When you buy a book and don't want to keep it (instead of being a good little girl and going to the library), you can post it on this website. Others can request and you simply mail it to them via media mail. You then receive a credit to order a book from another member. No money is exchanged and you get brand new book (well, new to you) for about $1.50. Yay! I posted 66 books and within just an hour or so, I've had requests for 29 of the books. That means, I can potentially order 29 new books all for myself! I love this site!

Well, the laptop monitor is still on the fritz and I can see, but I can't see any images at this point - and it's slowly getting darker and darker. I better finish up and turn it off so I can use the computer tomorrow night. :)

More soon!

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