Finally out in the light again...

Feeling much better! Thanks everyone for your well wishes!

Here's a little better picture of the new scrap area - light enough to actually see what is going on.
I am so enjoying having all of my things nearby and semi-organized. It makes me want to scrap!

And here's a better photo of the holiday cards!
I was so bummed to miss out on scrapbooking at Archivers, but I'm glad we are able to reschedule in a couple of weeks, minus Stephanie (BBBOOOOOOO-HHHOOOO! Is that dramatic enough for you??)
I even missed Laurel's birthday - but since she was sick, too, I think she'll forgive me. Just think of it as totally stretching out all of the birthday celebration! :) I'm considering this week as the first week of the year since I missed out last week.
I didn't make any resolution, but my mind and heart has been full of thoughts of what the upcoming year will bring - more later!

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  1. Love your new scrap area! And the Christmas cards are very lovely. Did you ever get any feedback on them?


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