It's the weekend!

11 o'clock on Friday - I've had a pretty productive afternoon/evening. I've had a little nap, watched a little tv, made dinner, worked an an email for the design team, caught up on some blog reading, did a load of laundry and a butt-load (yep, emo, butt is a four letter word, hehehe) of ironing. I'm officially ready to start the weekend.

As for the laundry and ironing...I have challenged myself to be a little better. Mom always does laundry, takes the clothes right out of the dryer, irons them and hangs them in the closet. She even irons her pajamas! I'm not interested in ironing pajamas, but I am trying to iron clothes ahead of time, so I am not running around 5 minutes before I have to leave for work. It feels so nice to put on ironed clothes and I always feel better about myself, but it's just one of the tasks I'd rather put off for just about anything - cleaning included. I did all of my laundry last weekend....and it still wasn't ironed, folded, hung up and put away. So that's what I did tonight. Everything in my closet is ironed except for about 10 items. I ran out of steam (no pun intended - I crack myself up).

Tomorrow, I am meeting Laurel and Misti for breakfast and to walk around the Heirloom Pro show at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. We've never been, so I'll give a full reveiw either tomorrow or Sunday. It sounds like it will be a big building full of stamps, stamps and more stamps. We should be in hog heaven...

Oh - I've found some artwork that I like for the scraproom - here's a link to Linda Wood's etsy shop. Wouldn't you know it, she's sold the one I really liked. But I like "Be your own Buzz", too. Hopefully, she'll put more prints up soon. I heard about Linda from an interview on Lainie's Scraphappy podcast. Linda and her sister are the authors of Visual Chronicles and Journal Revolution. I love their approach to art - the no fear approach!

More later! Have a great Saturday!

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