Busy, wonderful weekend!

Had a wonderful weekend, full of activity. Saturday, I met up with Laurel and Misti for the Heirloom Pro Stamp Tour at the Gwinnett Fairgrounds. It was a nice show, probably a little smaller than I was expecting, but still full of good ideas. I actually didn't buy a single stamp, but I did purchase a print by Patricia DiBona. It spoke to me. I can't seem to find a copy of it on the internet, so I'll take a picture soon and post it.

I did see the some of the girls from Scrap Chic Boutique and quite a few from Archivers! What a small world scrapbooking is! :)

Misti and I ended up finding a place to sit and chat while Laurel shopped. It was really relaxing. It isn't often we can just sit and talk about everything and nothing.

Sunday night was a great super bowl party. 7 children under the age of 6. Yikes, but all things considered, it was pretty tame.

Every year, until the Super Bowl comesalong I forget how much I enjoy football. I wish I knew more about the rules and plays - I need a tutor! It's such an adrenaline rush, especially during a game between teams like these two. I was impressed.

Here's a card I made for Laurel's birthday. Enjoy! (This was a hard one to take a phot of. The flash kept reflecting off of the transparency. Squint your eyes - it'll look real nice that way - hehehehe)

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