Check out my new timer *look to the right*

Can I get a Woo-Woo??!!!  Officially paid in full for Creative Escape!  Let's just say, I am so excited I had to have a countdown clock! And then got sad when I saw that it said 210 days!   


I also just got off the phone with India – having booked our tickets to Arizona with frequent flyer miles through Delta.  Had a sweaty armpit moment when I got the confirmation and realized that they had booked us on the wrong return date.  Luckily, they fixed it pretty quickly….


Doing the happy jig!


So far, this week has been pretty low key.  Looking forward to small group tomorrow night and spending some quality time with my momma this weekend.  Jan and Aunt Pat flew to their respective hometowns today, so she is all by her lonesome.  It sounds like Jan will be gone for about 2 months while she helps her mom get settled at her new home, a assisted living community.  Sending lots of prayer her way – that they are both able to cope with all of the change.


Later gaters!


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  1. who hoo! I can hardly wait either. We are going to have so much fun! Now to save up some spending money. I'm sure there will lots of fun things to buy.


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