As much as abhore Johnny Fairplay....

...Survivor's season premiere was just plain weird.  Johnn Fairplay was one of the returning "Favorites", known for his outrageous lie about his grandmother dying during filming of his first season on Survivor, but he just plain fizzled last night.  He told some story about missing his 7-month pregnant girlfriend and wanting to go home.  So, the remaining favorites sent him.  It was so bizarre.  His being voted off did create on of the most humorous moments of Survivor in my book, though.  Fairplay made Jeff Probst hug him before he left tribal council.  The look on Jeff's face was priceless!


On Survivor in general, I'm really excited about this season.  For me, usually, the first 2-3 episodes are a drag.  I have a hard time identifying with the cast members and don't start picking favorites until their personalities start to really show.  This episode was completely different for me!  I am so rooting for the Fans!  It seems the Favorites are just a little too relaxed.  It's going to be interesting to see how everything plays out.


Ok – enough about Survivor.  I do know that not everyone who reads this blog is a fan.  What about Big Brother??  It starts Tuesday!!!!!  I'm going to be in reality tv heaven!


I intend for this weekend to be pretty low key.  The biggest goal I have is to hem about 7 pair of pants.  And that is a BIG goal!  I don't sew….ever…but thanks to Laurel's "I'm too skinny for my clothes to fit so I must give them away" clothes fund,  I have 7 pair to shorten.  Mom is going to help me pin them and I will attempt to use the sewing machine.  *NOTE* I am doing all of this at Mom's house for the explicit reason of having her as a troubleshooter if I screw up the sewing machine.  Thanks Mom!


I do want to work on my Australia mini album some this weekend.  I started it before Christmas using the Creating Keepsakes KOM by Ali Edwards, but I just haven't been motivated since then.  This week, I've found myself thinking more and more about it and I have some ideas to help things go a little better, so….to work I go.   I'd like to get about half of it done this weekend – or at least the journaling and photos completely printed so I can work on it when we get together to scrap on Saturday.  We'll see.


Whew – this ended up being super long….I'll let ya'll go!  Oh yeah, there probably won't be many posts on your favorite scrappy blogs this weekend during the day – everyone is at CHA – but lots of people have promised to post recaps at night.  I'm excited to see what is being released!


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hmm, me thinks you are a reality tv junkie! ;-)

    Hope all goes well with the hemming and your scrapping.


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