Essay on a Sofa

What have I been up to since my last post?  Well, all manner of things – mostly crazy fun things, but some things more crazy than fun J  The greatest of these is the sofa saga….

I am getting a new sofa. Now, for those of you who know me well enough to have been invited to my house, I already have a wonderful sofa.  It's blue with feather pillows on the back and squishy comfortable.  To our recollection it is approximately 30 years old.  It used to have feather seat cushions as well as was covered in gold velvet.  It got a bit of spruce up about when I was in high school to the blue fabric.  It was my grandmother's originally, and as far back as I can remember it's been a standard in our house. 


I love that sofa, but for the past 6 years I have dreamt of something new and just mine.  It seemed pretty unattainable for some reason, but the time has come.  I've had this perfect picture of "Rebecca's" sofa in my head.  I think I had unrealistic expectations.  The first unrealistic thing was thinking I could buy one that would last another 30 years and my grandchildren would use until they could afford their own.  I could do that – but I would have to spend about 5 times what I can afford to spend.  The second thing was this picture of the perfect sofa I had in my mind.  I think it just doesn't exist yet.  I've looked for years, looked at every website known to man and I just haven't ever found it.  By Saturday, a 6 year desire culminated into 2 furniture stores….and I was making a decision, dang it. 


The whole thing was that it couldn't be froufy (that is a technical term, really!) and had to be comfortable for napping, tv watching, reading, eating dinner, reading magazines, dreaming about future scrapbook pages, etc.   It's basically the most important piece of furniture in my house.  Those are some big shoes to fill.


So, I bought it on Saturday.  It hasn't been delivered yet – that's another story for another day.  Sunday was a day of serious buyer's remorse.  Today I'm much better.  Without further ado…


Oh – aaaaannnnnddddd.  Not only did I get a sofa, but I also got a loveseat!  I have room for multiple sitters!!!!!!  J


  1. Nice sofa and loveseat.

  2. Buyer's remorse? It was more like buyer's breakdown; but Bec's the comeback girl!


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