Wedding Day Menu - Vegetable Soup

Do you ever wish your relatives had written down stories about their past to pass on to each generation?  I definiately do, especially when it comes to my parents and grandparents.  Over the past couple of years, I've discovered there are huge portions of my Mom and Dad's life that I know absolutely nothing about.  I came along later in life, after both of my brothers were out of the house, so they had done a lot of living already! 


This post comes after a conversation with my Mom on Sunday afternoon about her wedding day.  We were sitting on her porch eating vegetable soup when out of the blue she said "Did you know I had vegetable soup for lunch on my wedding day?".  So, here's my attempt at recounting what she told me in the hope that one day it will make it onto a scrapbooking page or somewhere else for the sake of posterity.


Her mom (Mo) made her wedding dress.  It was white and tea length with lace trim.  My grandmother sewed tiny pearls onto the lace for days.  When I eventually asked what happened to her wedding dress she admitted that she and my Aunt Paula cut it up one year to make what she thinks were Halloween costumes for their kids.  SAY WHAT???!!!!


She got up and went to church then went home and ate vegetable soup and a ham sandwich (Mo had asked her what she wanted for lunch).  Then she took a nap.  (How many brides are that relaxed on their wedding day these days?  They had the reception at her parent's house with cake and punch. 


When I asked her about it all being so relaxed and easy she said that shortly before her wedding day, Daddy Frank (her father) put his foot through the ceiling of the living room where the reception was to be held.  So apparently there was a bit of tizzy to get it fixed in time.  And apparently his foot went through right in front of the fireplace where a painting hung that they had checked out from the library. 


Yes, that's right.  They checked a painting out from the library.  Who knew you could do such a thing?  Apparently she wanted her favorite of the ones they had checked out in the past for the reception, but when her Mom went to the library to get it another family already had it.   The library called and explained the situation and the family brought it back so Mom could have it at her reception.  She told me the title of the painting….but the name is escaping me now.  Seems like it was "Literature and Music".   Now I am curious.  I want to find a picture of it!


So, there's the story of the day.  I'm glad to be able to write it down.   

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  1. Somehow I picture your mom being that laid back on her wedding day. Guess not much has changed. ;-) Also, must be a generational thing about being practical. Mom didn't keep her wedding dress either. I don't think she cut it up though.


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