Well, it's official. I have become a Twilight fan. Misti loaned me a copy of the first book in the series. I started reading it Monday night. And stayed up last night till about 1am to finish it. Yikes. And, I read the preview for the next book New Moon. I am so pumped to read it. I had originally requested that they be transferred to my local library, and got an email from them saying they had the next book ready for me, but they don't. They have the last book in the series waiting. ARGH! I refuse to go out and buying the middle one, but I am desperate! Whatever will I do??


  1. Maybe you should check another library. Or you may just have to go buy it. Live on the edge!

  2. I read all three in a week and a half. It was eat-sleep-dream Twilight. Edward Cullen is so diverting. I think you should go ahead and purchase all three-they are definitely the type you'll need to have on hand. You'll find moment's where you'll need an Edward fix. Glad you're enjoying them. It took me weeks to get Misti to read them.


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