Favorite scrapbooking supplies...

If I had to pick my three most favorite scrapbooking supplies...I'd have a hard time deciding on the top three...but since I'm writing about it...I've already figured it out. Heheee.

Numero Uno

American Crafts Thickers In any and all colors and styles!

I just have one thing to say about these wonderful darlings...
"Have you seen my Thicker Thet?"

Numero Dos

Basic Grey paper and embellishments. I love just about all of them, but I think Recess is my most favorite, for the moment anyway.

Numero Tres

Sharpies! Extra fine, black to be exact. If you had asked me if I ever used a sharpie on a scrapbooking page this time last year, I would have shuddered, but as I learn to use my own handwriting on a page, I've come to adore them! I have one in about every color, but still seem to always reach for the black one.

What are your favorite scrapbooking supplies?

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