Is being profound a necessity or an indulgence?

Is being profound a necessity or an indulgence?


My Aunt Pea posted that question on her blog today.  And was surprised to discover I had strong feelings when I started thinking about what my answer to it would be.  I do have to say, my thought process is a little different from hers, though.


Being profound is both a necessity and an indulgence.'s definition of profound is "being or going far beneath what is superficial, external, or obvious."  Profound thought (and the writing of the thought) is paramount to our development as human beings.  Mentally, psychologically, spiritually, even physically.  It is difficult to change, unless we are able to have profound thought.  It's those thoughts that create awareness, peace, anger, sadness, joy.   Those thoughts and ideas are the catalyst many people use for life-altering events, be them positive or negative. 


*Standing up on soapbox…clearing throat…*


Hiding behind the need for profound thought is an indulgence.  Not everything has to be profound.  Every word said or written does not have to be life changing.  I think it's perfectly fine, and dare I say, enjoyable to have moments of superficial, obviously surface thoughts, emotions and ideas.  By allowing yourself to have those moments you are creating memories, relaxing your mind, allowing yourself to just plain 'ol exist.   


Have you ever paused to consider that the constant search for the next profound thought, the inability to communicate unless it involves something profound is in large part an excuse for hiding?  For not allowing the true you to be seen?  For putting yourself up on a pedestal as the author of deep thought and only accessible by people with the same mindset?


As an average individual (as a non-political leader, non-activist etc.) our future generations are not going to remember that you only deemed words worthy to be written if you considered them profound.  They may not even care.  When I think about the things I long to know about past generations (and what I have discovered others wish to know), their "profoundness" isn't really of interest.  What is of interest is their personality, their thoughts on momentous occasions, and details of their lives.  Of course, profound thought is involved in each of those activities, and so it is important to document that as well, but for those who hide behind the need for "profound all the time", is it worth it to lose all of the other details, because it didn't reach your high thought expectations?


There's the end of my "profound" thought of the day…..


  1. That was an amazing string of words and so full of meaning. You amaze me with your understanding and manner of expressing yourself. Thanks. Aunt Pea

  2. You go girl! Two snaps.

  3. Now that...

    is extreamly profound!



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