It's almost the weekend again!

Recovering from a fantastic weekend – and in just one short day – it'll be the weekend again!  Friday and Saturday were jam packed with scrapbooking, food, birthday parties and church so by the time I got home Sunday afternoon, I just had to veg.  My brain just couldn't handle it any more.  So, Sunday was the day of the bad action movies. Both were B's or C's.  But I still love them. 


It's only Wednesday, but I have Thursday and Friday off for the 4th!  Wooohooo!


I did manage to finish three layouts on Saturday, but I can't show them to you yet.  Soon, though.  I promise.


Here's another photo I've managed to unearth.  It's a little odd, but this is what you do when you've been in India for a few weeks.  Coconuts start looking suspiciously like cats or other animals with tails.  Bottle caps come in handy to make it all come together.  Yes, we were all a little crazy by then, I admit it.


And finally, you have to read this post on the Blissfully Domestic blog.  Hysterical, but it definitely makes me want to start trolling the alleys for good dumsters! 


Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! 


  1. That dumpster diving is funny although I don't think I'm going to start up a new hobby.

  2. Oh, now that I'm tired I see the eyes, nose and tail on that one coconut. ;-)


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