2008 Olympics

How have I let another 4 days go by without blogging?  Argh. 


We are just one day away from the opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympics.  And I am practically giddy!  Let me tell ya, I am not a sports girl, but there is something about the Olympic games that gets my blood pumping!   Even more, this year, is the fascination with China.  Our office is considering doing work in China, so we've been researching the country and their business practices.  We watched the series Ted Koppel did on the Discovery channel and have been reading a lot on the internet.  I'm completely fascinated by the political process – and the people's response to that process.  And the next couple of weeks, we are going to see how it all works – through the eyes of the media and athletes at the games.  Granted, it's been cleaned up and polished for public viewing…but it's going to be fascinating. 


Let's see…..34 hours, 48 minutes!  Whoohoo!


My favorite events to watch are gymnastics and swimming…with a little diving, track and field and cycling thrown in….just about anything.  What is your favorite event?


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  1. My favorites are swimming, track and field and gymnastics. I am looking forward to watching Hylease ? in the pentathalon (I think). She is from Harrisburg, PA and went to the University of Georgia. She is really something. Hope you enjoy her as well.


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