Lovely Monday

I had the day off today, which is kinda weird. Granted, it wasn't for fun stuff, I had two doctor's appointments, but it was still nice to not have to dress up or even put on makeup - and my first appointment was at 10, so I even got to sleep in a little. Got home about 3:15, so I've been puttering around on the internet and am about to work on updating my wishlist cause Laurel insists :)

Oh, and I just finished this little project. Gotta love pokies! This is the first of a few little polka-dot projects that I'm trying to finish up for Etsy. I'll keep you posted.

But first, I must, must figure out how to take better photos. This one just doesn't do it justice. It's so cute, I'm tempted to keep it for myself.

1 comment:

  1. How nice you had a day off! Your polkies are very cute. Getting ready to see if you updated your Amazon list for your birthday wishes. It's best not to leave those things to chance or you never know what you might get. ;-)


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