What happened to September?

What happened to September?  October is literally days away.  Fall is in the air.  And the *gasp* holidays are right around the corner.  Amazingly enough, I'm ready for them!   


One way I'm getting ready is by signing up for Kolette Hall's new class at BPS called "Giving Well".  I loved meeting Kolette at Creative Escape and am excited about all of the new ideas she'll bring to the table.  I've been putting myself under so much pressure over the past couple of months to create something dynamic that no one has ever seen before that I think I've shot myself in the foot.  I've stunted my creativity, soooo, I'm going to allow someone else to be the creative one - and hope it will be the boost I need.  And you never know, some of my readers may receive a few gifts I make during this class!


I have been blog surfing (waaayyy more than usual), but it's been good, because I've stumbled upon some new ones!  Here are a couple.


And finally, it's only about three weeks before my brother from down under (hehehe - I made a rhyme) will be here!  I'm super excited.  And then before you know it…it'll be Thanksgiving.


Happy pre-holidays! Oh dear, I think I'm becoming one of those people! Before you know it I'll be singing carols!

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