It's weekends like this...

That make me wonder if I have a social life. I mean seriously. Last night I cleaned my house...and tonight I am surrounded by three tiny girls that look suspiciously like Clavell munchkins.

What happened to date night? Or going out with the girls? Hmmm.

On the flip side, it's weekends like these that I love. No pressure, time spent being productive, playing with a "puppy in my pocket"(a new toy Victoria bought at Wal-Mart) and eating pizza.

Next, we're off to watch Parent Trap. hfntmjbvhnjgflkkajf salkfsaklmvbmf v bf f f lall4444444444444dskmaskfjkalflfk (that was Elizabeth's blog entry for the day)

ta-ta for now


  1. Let's schedule a Girl's Night Out!!! Movie, coffee, shopping, all of the above... whatever. (As long as we don't have to stay up all. night. long!

  2. GNO!!!!

    Which Parent Trap? Original or Updated?


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