Happy October!  It's been a productive week, but I can't show you much of what I've been working on.  But I promise, I'll have some posts soon, as soon as I hear back from a couple of companies I have submitted to! 


Tuesday night was absolute luxury (this is going to sounds crazy) but I spent a good two hours walking up and down the aisles at Hobby Lobby with eMo.   I think we both could have spent a couple more hours, but they made us leave *sigh*.  In fact, now that she's realized that HL is awfully close to her house, I think she may take up residence.  She went back the next morning to look at patterns.  :)  I didn't purchase much, my first "Christmasy" decoration of the year - peppermint candles that were 50% off, some alcohol inks, also 50% off, one piece of paper (gold with raised velvel pokeys) and three cast iron hooks for my closet.  Not a single one of these items was on my list, but I'm awfully happy I ended up with them!


Very much looking forward to this weekend - nothing planned except being crafty in way or another.  I have a list of things I'd like to work on - as long as my arm, so I'm hoping to make a dent!  And Saturday is World Card Making Day - so I'll definitely be making a few cards!


Happy birthday to Chris! 


Have a wonderful day!

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