Three Quarters of a Million Dollars

Bad, bad blogger. Baaaaadddd. I don't know what's gotten in to me. Oh well. I guess the joy of being a blogger is that it's your blog and you can do what you want to…but still. Bad blogger. Okay, enough of that! Hope you haven't forgotten about me…and will keep reading, even if my posts are sporadic.

It's Monday…and in case you need to be reminded that means there are only 17 more days until Christmas. And that my friends is serious. But instead of stressing out about presents and gift wrap and I'm determined to remember that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. Not mine. Which means, I really shouldn't be receiving the presents. I should be giving presents to Him. Now, that's quite a turn-around in my thinking. But Sunday's service at 12Stone really hammered that into me.

Sunday was also a big day, because we officially kick-started "Intentional Acts of Christmas". 12Stone re-prioritized their budget, deleting and postponing things planned for 2009 and pledged $300,000 to help families in need. In addition to that, the members of 12Stone pledged an additional $450,000. That's three quarters of a million dollars!!!! Each participated family received cash last week and will add their pledge and then find a family or person in need to give it to, along with a card letting them know they are a recipient. Small groups are combining their contributions together to pay utility bills, buy furniture, groceries, pay mortgages, provide Christmas. It's overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time. There are so many families in need, and also people who don't have families, or someone to help them out…especially with the way the economy is…every little bit helps.

Will you join me in being a part of "Intentional Acts of Christmas"? If you do, post a comment here. I'd love to hear what you've done!

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  1. Beautiful post, Rebecca! I am catching up on your blog and enjoying your posts. I know it is not Christmas, but as for intentions, our neighborhood has raised a couple of thousand dollars in just a few days for my neighbors that lost so much in the fire-which by the way is why I didn't get around to calling you to see if you needed help that day. anyway, thanks for the reminder to keep living that way!

    I hope your move is working out. BTW, do you work with someone named Andrew Butler? He is architect in my small group and he lost his job this month.


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