Is there a trend here?

So, I made the yearly trudge to the post office and lo and behold….hardly an line at all. I totally lucked out! My Christmas cards are on their way!

As I slogged in the pouring rain back to the car after putting them in the mailbox, I realized that I had managed to take not a single photo. Zip. Nada. Zilch. So, now I'm officially going to beg one of my fellow scrappy friends to take a photo with their nifty camera and email it to me. You know who you are - hook a girl up! The funnest part about these cards is that they are all different. I think, out of the 50 I made, only batches of 4 are alike. Which is hard, cause then I spend waaayy to much time looking at them and trying to figure out which one I want to send to who. It's fun, though, to see if there is a card that matches someone's personality, but then again, sometimes you just don't have a choice and have to send whatcha got. I think I'm officially rambling…………sorry.

On that same note, I have run into a major scrapbooking problem. I've been on a bit of a scrappin' hiatus (at least where scrappin' = photos on paper) over the past two months or so, and I'm itching to get back into it, but, I have no photos. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Are you noticing a trend here? I seem to have a photo problem. I am constantly looking for for photos to scrap, and don't have any. I've even scrapped the same photo several times in different layouts.

Here are some obstacles I think I face with the whole photo thing:

1. I don't have a easy to carry small camera or a fancy SLR.
2. I hate having my photo taken, so I try to be aware of other people who don't want their picture taken either. And because I definitely don't want the camera turned on me, I hesitate to even think about taking photos. I've even tried those "picture in the mirror" pictures of myself….I guess everyone's their own worst critic.
3. My purse is too small to carry a camera all of the time.
4. How many pictures can one take of a desk you spend 8.5 hourse at, or a house you spend the rest of your time in? I don't have children or pets. And I don't really want to scrapbook my co-workers :)

These all seem so silly, but apparently it's a problem. So, I can totally rectify #3. Any excuse to have a new purse. But what about the others? Any suggestions?

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  1. The Christmas cards are way too cute. I'll take pictures of ours and send them to you. What adhesive did you use for the stars? I think it was too cold for it. Both of ours fell off but that is easily fixed.

    I think you should do a mini album about you. Take pictures of things and people who make up a part of your life and scrap about them. I'll keep my eyes open for any unique topic scrap pages. I'm with you there with finding photos. I'm more about nature and architecture but people make more interesting pages it seems.


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