Light Dawns...

It's over and light dawns...I'm all moved and about 3/4 settled in thanks to friends (you all know who you are) and family (you, too). Moving day was pretty low stress as far as moving days go. There was laughter and smiles...always a good thing. And a friend who stayed till I kicked her out...she didn't ever complain about having to organize extension cords or figure out what cord went with what electronic device! It's time like these I realize how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by such loving people!

Getting caught up on blog reading...and my brain is starting to feel a little less like mush and more like something that actually works pretty well on a regular basis (no jokes about that statement, okay?).

Alive, well, and prepared for the next phase of life...and wondering what the future holds...

Talk to you soon!

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  1. What! You had time to catch up on blog reading? I still have almost 900 entries to read. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. ;-)

  2. tag you're it!


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