One pair of tights on the stairs, a running faucet and a kazillion toys

That's what I walked past to get to the computer to blog. (I turned the running water off). Another crazy day with the three girls. It's a little past their bedtime, but they were excited to watch Kung Fu Panda, so they all got to stay up.

It's toy pandemonium (pause while I wipe some crusty unknown thing from the computer monitor) and I just realized the television is the living room. I'm in the kitchen and all three girls are in bed. Yikes.

But in the end, regardless of what happened today, I'm amazed at the resilience of these girls. I snapped at each one at some point today, they've all had a meltdown of some sort, Regan scraped her knee, Victoria got frustrated with me while trying to read her book, and Elizabeth has a nasty crusty nose and a possible fever...but they still each told me they loved in their own way before they went to bed.

How is that possible? Me? I'm not a blood relative...and they sorely miss their parents...but they still have this uncanny knack for showing their love. It amazes me.

I've spent the afternoon trying to upload projects to Two Peas. Earlier tonight, the upload function seemed to hopefully I can finish tonight. My goal is to create some cards tomorrow....we'll see.

Have a great night!

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