Recovery really wasn't necessary. I thought it would be, but it wasn't. I miss those little girls. Spending all that time with them definitely taught me a lot about myself, how I react to certain things, and what ticks me off. :) And only served to reiterate that I really want babies one day. And I want to stay home with them.

One of the most amazing things that happened last week was reading with Victoria. It's so amazing to me that she can read (she's right on schedule, but I just always think of her as a little baby...not 6). And sitting next to her, listening to her sounding words out and figure it out...and being so proud of herself. And also getting frustrated, and wanting to quit. From Monday to Saturday she learned to start recognizing words from sight...big words even. I love seeing how our brains work...and this was a perfect example!

It's Tuesday at 8:14 and I'm ready to go to bed. How can sitting at a desk and working on a computer be more tiring that taking care of three girls? Tell me????? I think I'll go put my jammies on and veg for a while!

Talk to you soon! I just realized that I managed to get zero photos of Victoria last week. I'll have to rectify that soon!

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