Dingy, like most packages...

A rather large box arrived today at work.  About 2 feet long and 1.5 feet wide.  Typical brown cardboard. Dingy, like most packages.  It taunted me.  I was working on a deadline when it arrived.  A deadline that forced me to walk past it over and over again.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Every time I passed it, my eyes strayed to it.  And then I would resolutely turn my eyes forward and keep moving.  I told myself "just wait 10 minutes.  You can open it in 10 minutes".  Ten minutes turned into 20, then 30, then an hour.  Finally the task was done.  But my feet hurt.  So, I walked back past the box to my desk and slumped into my chair.  Gulped down half of a warm, bottled Diet Coke.  Swiveled in my chair to peer around the other boxes surrounding my desk to get a glimpse of my box.  Scootched my chair a little to the right for a better view.  Then slowly reached my left hand out, grasped the brushed silver handle to my top desk
drawer and pulled.   I reached into the drawer, fumbled amongst the tangled pile of binder clips, that on a side note, I really need to organize, and finally close my fingers over the box cutter.  And then, suddenly, it's time.  I resolutely stand up and casually stroll over to my box.  Gently scrape the cutter over the packing tape, grasp the edge of the box and pull.  Then pull again, and then none too gently apply the box cutter agin.  Finally, My goal is in sight.  The contents snuggle comfortably in their bubble wrap.  The item itself plays peek-a-boo around a catalog.  I reach in and gingerly pinch the package between my thumb and forefinger and……
Well, what is it?  Do you know, do you know?  Guess!
That was kinda fun. Hmmm - I always wanted to write romance novels :)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I bet I know... your new bedding from Pottery Barn!?! Which one did you choose? I want to see a picture!

  2. I bet you are right! I was going to say "argh! What's in the dad gum box!" and now I can rest easy. ;-)

    So how are the colors?


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