You guessed right!

You guessed right!  It was my new quilt and shams from Pottery Barn.  I chose the Tea Garden Toile from Pottery Barn.  And once I get the new bedskirt on the bed (my old one was black), I'll post a photo. 
After all of the past indecisiveness, I think I've decided that love the idea of accents that complement, not just "go" with a bedspread/quilt/duvet, and then having more than one set of bedding that can be changed out on a whim.  I'm fickle like that, don'tcha know?  And so, that will be my goal.  Mind you, I am not looking at more bedding.  No way!  I'm over it.  For at least a month.  He.
Had a pretty busy weekend.  I'm back to five days a week at work - whoohoo!  For now at least.  So, working all day Friday, chiropractor visit and grocery store on Saturday, then working furiously on a "Good Book" for my friend Carol, and then a small group get-together Saturday night, church Sunday, a couple more errands and then finally, home to crash.  I went to my room, shut the door and didn't leave it for the rest of the day except for food.  I was struggling, trying to stay awake and finally realized it must be because of the time change.  Isn't it amazing how an hour can make such a difference?  I think it's taken me this long to recover!
In the midst of working on the book for Carol, I recognized an exorbitantly expensive scrapbooking tool that I am sooo glad I own.  A Zutter corner rounder!  Seriously, this thing is the bomb.  I just can't think about how much I spent on corner rounder! Yikes!  But it was worth it! I have it in the 1/2" size. 
Wouldn't you know it though, Laurel sent me a link yesterday to a new corner rounder that does both sizes.  Seriously! Oh well.  I'll stick with my trusty Zutter.
What's your favorite new tool?   Share!

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