Scrapista 2009

Where have I been, you ask? I've been working on a big suprise!


This has become my every waking moment's obsession. What is it exactly? Visit our new website at for details.

In a nutshell - it's a two day scrapbooking extravaganza! In one place, all day and night. You can scrap for a while, take a short class, take a nap in your hotel room, eat, have a massage and start scrapping again! You never have to leave (at least not until the event is over).

I'll definitely be keeping you posted with more details as they are finalized!

Please, if you are interested, sign up! And if you know of someone who might be interested, pass this information along!

I'm so excited to see what the future will bring! See you soon!


  1. Hey girl! I'm so excited for Scrapista! I just wanted to let you know that I blogged about it & posted on my facebook too. Wahoo!

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    So this is what you've been up to girl! Good luck with it - it sounds exciting and fun


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