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Every time I've opened the Pottery Barn catalog I've had to have a serious pause when I get to this page. I've even pulled this page out and added it to my inspiration pile, but I still have to stop and take another look when I see it. There is just something so natural and calm about this room, and I love the tablescape. I think the only thing I would change is the light fixture, but seriously, I'd take everything else, no questions asked! I even already have a mirror in storage that would be perfect over that mantle. sigh.


One major dilemma, though. We have a beautiful old round dining table in storage. And while it sits there I just couldn't bring myself to replace it was a new table with nary a scratch and absolutely no personality. So, here are a couple of options using the old table. I think I like the pop of the upholstered chairs the best, but I also like the versatility of the slip covered chairs. Which one do you like the best?



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  1. Ok.. so... the chairs from the first picture... I like those best..


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