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Can you tell I'm on a home décor kick? I recently discovered someone new on HGTV. Except she's not new, she's old, well, as in her shows aired back in 2007. Sarah Richardson is awesome! Look at this basement guest room. It only has one high window, but feels like it has oodles and oodles of light. And I like the accents. That framed art? Little tiny plates that have been framed in shadow boxes. What a great idea. I would have just put the plates up in a grouping somewhere. And the whole idea of hanging them low on the walls is so unique.

Sarah's House5

Sarah's House6 

I seem to be drawn to a lot of Canadian designers (Candice Olsen, anyone?) lately. Maybe I'm living in the wrong country. And speaking of Canada (that was a pretty good segway, huh?), the Olympics are proving to be just as entertaining as I knew they would be. I even got a little misty-eyed last night after the Chinese figure skaters won the gold medal. It's so interesting to hear about the relationship between Canada and the United States. I knew we shared a border, but honestly didn't have a clue we had the world's largest trading relationship. If someone stopped me on the street, I'd assume it was China. But, I guess that's just imports. And I really had no clue how strong an ally they are with the US. I'm on a quest to learn more.


Are you enjoying the Olympics so far?

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  1. LOVE Candice Olsen! Though who has the budget for her stuff? Seriously!

    Sarah Richardson's older stuff drives me insane b/c she acts so "sweet" and pure. And then you see her more recent stuff where she's all edgey & stuff. Which is the real Sara? Probably the edgey one!


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