my toes long for kiss of sunshine!

Okay, so that might be a bit dramatic, but I'm ready for flip flops. I'm ready for my toes to stop feeling claustrophobic in winter shoes. Seriously.

This weekend is going to make it worse, considering its looking like sunny skies and warm breezes (you know it's been a tough winter when you start considering temperatures in the 50's "warm"). So excited to enjoy the sunshine! I don't have a ton of plans, errands and O2 tonight, nothing but laundry tomorrow and church and helping out with the food drive Sunday. Oh, and more "training" for the 5k I'm walking at the end of this month (more on that later). What kind of plans do you have?

And before I forget, last weekend was amazing fun! Spent Saturday with the girls scrapping. It was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Relaxing, comfortable, creative, productive, and hilarious. I think everyone felt the same way which doesn't always happen :) And so fun to catch up with Stephanie….who was absolutely relaxed and glowing from pregnancy. And she's having a BOY! Yippee!

Sunday was crazy busy with church, walking with Lisa (we're doing good!) and small group. And then staying up waaaay too late to register Laurel and I for our mini-workshops at Inspired. Registration wasn't supposed to begin until 12:01 and it ended up starting even later! But it was worth it, since we were able to get everything we wanted!

Finished several layouts on Saturday, which I'll share soon. It felt good!

And finally - this photo is nuts! Found here.


Have a wonderful, sunshiney weekend!

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