thrilling thursday

These rooms are absolutely riveting.  All are featured in Style at Home, a Canadian decorating magazine.  Apparently, I’m still stuck on Canada.

Style at Home

Loving the simplicity of this dining area/breakfast nook.  And the painted chairs.  I want to take on a painting project.  Maybe just one piece, though.  Not an entire set of chairs.  I know myself too well! :)

Style at Home2  

One of the cutest nurseries I’ve seen.  So very simply, but dramatic. And I like that the crib isn’t froufy (work with me here – you know what froufy means, right?)

Style at Home1

I’m not completely sold on this one.  It doesn’t have as much oomph as the last two.  What do you think?


  1. Cute! Did you happen to notice the polkies on the end of the crib?

  2. I saw those rooms on Made By Girl and saved all of them. They are lovely!


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