The Newest Project

What is it about this incessant desire to have a project going?  It’s definitely genetic.  I know a mom and at least one aunt that has the same problem :)

Anyhoo – over my lifetime I’ve “crocheted” several times.  And each time I’ve managed to do about two rows and then lose all interest.  At Christmas this year, Mom decided to learn how to knit….and somehow I managed to get the crochet bug again.  And this time….I was moderately successful.  It just took me four months.


Meet Mr. Afghan.  It was pretty simple.  I used an old pattern, found in the crochet grab bag from my Aunt Paula, called Waterfall. 


I wasn’t completely satisfied with the end result, I definitely dropped at one stitch in one spot, and there are a couple of places that are a little wonky.  And my poor mom received it, but she has to tuck all of the extra ends in (I haven’t been successful at doing that yet) for me. 

Would I do it again?  Probably not an afghan.  Scarves, yes!  And I’d really like to learn how to make crocheted flowers.  And….next on my list are rag rugs….and I’ve already seen a method that uses crochet.  Who knows where this will pop back up….

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