thrilling thursday…..errr….Friday!

So, Thursday snuck by.  It happens.  But, today was thrilling.  Had to take my car in to the dealership for a new radiator and another fix.  Needless to say not the most thrilling part of the day.  But they gave me a loaner for the day and it looks like this.


So, I’ve never really been a convertible lover.  I mean it’s never been on my list of things to have in my lifetime.  But after getting up the nerve to press the little button that turns the car into a convertible, being struck with awe at the mechanics of the process, then feeling the sun on my face and the wind in my hair (and the heat blasting because it was cooold this morning), I get it. 

I desperately wanted to take photos, but they all ended up like this.


So, look at the pretty pictures from the beginning of the post.  I don’t think I’ll ever actually purchase one, but I’ll enjoy the smithereens out of it for the day.  But not for long, the dealership just called, my car is ready and they want their car back!  :)

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  1. Wow! How fun is that. Thankfully it was a beautiful day so you could enjoy it. ;D Glad your car is fixed though.


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