Thrilling Thursday!

So, I held my first class on Tuesday and it was a success! Despite being a tad nervous and feeling like I wasn't quite settled things went off without a hitch. I had only one student. But, one is better than none! And having one made the class more like a conversation versus teaching, which helped me relax a little.

At the end, she said she had been feeling overwhelmed by product choices, but after our class she felt like she knew what she needed. That made me happy! And, it was so amazing to see the light go on when we talked about something as simple as matting photos! It's so easy to forget that I too had to learn how to do that a long time ago. And how much I loved what a difference it made with my photos.

So, class number one was a success. Now off to prepare for class number two!

I'd be so obliged if you would spread the word around to anyone you know about these classes. There is limited advertising, and a lot of it is dependent on what little advertising I can do.

Thanks! Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Great Rebecca! The word will spread. No worry. It is still Summer and I am sure that when Fall rolls around you will have more scrappers.


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