I shouldn't be so excited, but I am…

I shouldn't be so excited, but I am. I saw this at Target yesterday. A three pack! Seriously. So, those of you who don't spend a lot of time with me are now discovering I'm lost without my Carmex. I have to always have it with me and if I can't find it….well, lets just say losing my tube of Carmex is not good. I must always have a tube in my purse, at my desk, on my bedside table, in pocket. My friends have been known to have spare tubes stashed away at their houses, too. I think Misti has one at her house.
The secret is out, but I'm not ashamed :) What are you addicted to. Come on, share!

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  1. Yes, yes I do have a tube here. For emergencies, obvi. ;D


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