In honor of this Sunday - October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) I thought I'd join the ranks of the tenners (and no, I didn't mean to type tenors) :)

1. I read a long time ago that tattoos were addictive. And I thought, surely not me. I'm seriously considering another tattoo. So much for going against the grain.

2. I am incredibly jealous of my friends who have the opportunity to stay home with their children. And of their children. And of their husbands. They know this. And luckily, they don't seem to mind :)

3. Sometimes, in the fall, when I stop wearing sandals, my toes get claustrophobic. Like right now.

4. I choose sour over sweet ninety percent of the time.

5. I don't like talking on the phone. Now that I've told you that, can you explain to me why I talk on the phone with my besties and my mom all of the time? I guess it's out of necessity because they don't check their email often enough. I blame it on them.

6. I check my email way too much.

7. I'd rather food be too hot than for it to be lukewarm or cold. Seriously. Pain just means it's the perfect temperature.

8. I read a blog written by 22 year old girl on mission in Uganda. She has permanently adopted 12 children. And feeds more than a 100 a day. And sometimes I wonder about what I've accomplished in life. And contemplate packing my suitcase and flying to Uganda, or India, or wherever babies need me.

9. I'm going to adopt one of those babies one day.

10. I will probably never be able to wear high heels (dang ankles). But that doesn’t stop me from yearning for them. But, if given the choice, I'd buy stuff for the house over fancy shoes any day.

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