CHA Time!

It's CHA time again!  Twice a year the Craft & Hobby Association holds a huge convention where new materials and designs are released by all of the craft companies.  I'm usually scouring the internet for reveals and sneak peaks.  I don't necessarily have to do that anymore - PaperCraftersCorner is the bomb at showing all of new things in one place.  

I've been a little disappointed this year.  Mostly because I'm not a terribly "froufy" person.  Froufy as in flowery, busy stuff.  And a lot of the new materials this year are a whole lot of that.  I was wondering if there was a new paper line coming out that would make my hard beat faster this year - and had about given up until I saw this. 

All images found here 

Be still my heart!  Seriously - I am counting the days until I can get my grubby little hands on these papers. What have you seen that you can't wait to work with?

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  1. Funny how these are actually really old patterns, from fabric, and here they finally are here in papers.
    Oh and I love them all.


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