I don't do malls...

I don't do malls.  There are lots of reasons.  I always seem to spend more money than I intend to.  Lots of smells and fabric finishes that don't agree with me (allergic to a lot of perfumes, some chemicals used to die clothing and whatever is used to cure leather), it's hot, there are a lot of people.  What a downer I am! :)

But, if I were to go to a mall - I'd go with the express purpose of visiting a store I've never seen in person.  Anthropologie.  Their clothes are funky.  Their jewelry is unique.  Their homegoods -!

 A steal at $14.00

 Umm hello - black, gray, yellow....I likey

 crazy shower curtain - a little froufy for me - but super cute. 

 I think I want these....or something close!

Crazy lamp!  All I can think is how dusty it'll get - but I think my favorite part of their site?  That they show what the lamp looks lit!  That's an important part - that most of the time we don't ever get to see until we've purchased and taken it home!

happy rug!

Oh typography - how I love thee!
 The only thing that would make this chest better is if all those drawers were actually real - instead they are grouped for drawers and a cabinet door on the right.
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So - would you brave the mall for that?  Any store I should check out while I'm there?  Let me know!

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  1. Ummm, yes please. I want those measuring spoons! We can brave the mall together. ;)


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