Happy Valentine's Day

So, I don’t have a valentine.  Which is why I normally just boycott today.  Mostly because no matter how much bravado a person may have, insisting that Valentine’s Day is just a “commercial” holiday, insisting that they “enjoy” being single, not admitting that their biological clock is not ticking so loud they can’t hear themselves think, it’s a hard day. 

I’m not a terribly romantic person – even if I had a sweetie.  Seriously, romance to me is my guy taking my car to fill up with gas and a car wash.  Swoon.  I don’t go for frilly.  I don’t have a list of romantic songs….except this one.  I love it.  Every time I hear it I can’t think of much other than love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Lots of love to you all. 

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