A List

A list is the only way to go….

1. I've managed to rearrange my entire living space….but stopped before it was finished. And now there are stacks of books on the floor, artwork in piles and random lamps sitting around. Oh dear.

2. Getting ready for my bestie to have a baby. I'm ready to meet the newest "nieceling". Bring it on….but, don't bring it until next Thursday when everything is scheduled, okay?

3. I swore I'd never go a "snake handling" church. But last Sunday.there.was.a.snake. Granted, it was for a sermon illustration, but still. I've never been more happy to be sitting in last row, far, far away.

4. I typed an email earlier to my Mom that was the worst thing I've ever written grammatically. Until I wrote this blog post. Seriously, I'm starting to worry I've had a grammar stroke.

5. Really wanting to see "No Strings Attached" Has anyone seen it yet? Is it a renter or a go see in theater movie?

And that's all I've got today.  :)

1 comment:

  1. I was very disappointed that PK didn't take the opportunity to make a "snake handling" joke, btw. Good seeing you & THANK YOU for the stash!


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